Friday, October 28, 2011

Nissan Altima 2005-2006 Easy Throttle Cleaning

Throttle Cleaning of Nissan Altima 2005-2006
DO Not Dicconnect any cable , othervisa you have to relearn your Throttle body or Reprogam your computer.
Easy step for Throttle Body

1- Disconnect the air duct

Disconnect the air duct from the throttle body. Disconnect and mark any electrical connectors or vacuum lines you remove.

2- Spray on a cleaner
Locate the throttle cables and rotate the throttle plate. Spray throttle body cleaner around the inside of the throttle body.

3- Dry off the solvent

Shoot compressed air into the throttle body to dry the spray solvent. Reinstall the ductwork and attach the vacuum lines and electrical connectors.


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